Sparrow Herbert-Herman Cancer Center’s Safety Message

  • At Sparrow, our emphasis on safety means there’s no reason to delay your medical care.

  • We screen everyone coming into any Sparrow site of care, whether they’re visitors, caregivers or patients, taking their temperature and checking for symptoms.

  • We test anyone who exhibits symptoms and get results quickly because we have a world-class laboratory that’s been a leader in community testing.

  • Our patients and caregivers can expect a clean environment.

  • We’ve been at the forefront of providing personal protective equipment for our caregivers.

  • We’ve reconfigured our space to maintain proper social distancing.

Sparrow = Safety at Sparrow's Herbert-Herman Cancer Center

Why Choose Sparrow

It’s simple: our goal is to save lives. Sparrow Health System has designed its cancer program to provide Mid-Michigan with access to the best cancer treatment options available to make our goals more achievable than ever. Learn more about how we are fighting for our Patients.

Take a tour of the Herbert-Herman Cancer Center

See what this state-of-the-science building means for Mid-Michigan cancer Patients.