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Want to speak to someone at Sparrow Herbert-Herman Center? Call 800.968.5570

Looking for a specific department at Sparrow Herbert-Herman Cancer Center? See the contact information below to find the resource that meets your needs.

  • Radiation Oncology (Floor 1 - Herbert-Herman Cancer center): 517.364.9401
  • Medical Oncology/Hematology (Floor 2 - Herbert-Herman Cancer Center): 517.364.9402
  • Infusion Center (Floor 2 - Herbert-Herman Cancer Center): 517.364.9402
  • Gynecologic Oncology (Floor 2 - Herbert-Herman Cancer Center): 517.364.9402
  • Oncology Outreach: 517.364.9426
  • Tumor Registry: 517.364.9426

Do you need a referral to a primary care Physician or Specialist? Call 1.800.Sparrow (1.800.772.7769), our toll-free consumer health information line, a service offered at no cost to you. You can also use 1.800.Sparrow to request free health information and sign up for healthy-living programs such as Sparrow LifeTime, which offers discounts and benefits to adults 55-plus.

Do you have questions or comments about the care you or a family member received at Sparrow? Call our Service Excellence department at 517.364.3935. Our Service Excellence Associates will assist you with any issues you may have.

Are you looking for a Patient in the hospital? Call our operator at 517.364.1000 and they will assist you.