Cancer Services at Sparrow Carson Hospital

Sparrow offers cancer care in Carson City. Each Sparrow Cancer Center clinic features a leading medical oncologist and a team of specialists who provide residents with basic oncological services including diagnosis, therapy, follow-up and chemotherapy.

Our new state-of-the-art Outpatient Therapy Center features a patient-friendly seven-bed facility located inside Sparrow Carson Hospital. The Center offers chemotherapy services, infusion therapy, transfusion therapy, conscious sedation recovery, IV hydration therapy, antibiotic/steroid therapy, doctor consult services and - for patient comfort - personal televisions in each therapy room. The Center is a satellite of the award-winning Sparrow Cancer Center.

We also offer hematology and oncology services to patients 18 years of age and older.

Services Offered:

• Chemotherapy
• Infusion Therapy
• Transfusion Therapy
• IV Hydration Therapy
• Antibiotic/Steroid Therapy
• Blood Transfusions
• Injections
• Therapeutic Phlebotomy
• PICC Line Therapy

Patient Comfort:

• Two private Patient care rooms
• Four heated massage chairs
• Personal televisions

Sparrow Carson Hospital
406 E. Elm Street
Carson City 48811