Physician reviewing cancer X-ray at hospital

Our Services

Sparrow Herbert-Herman Cancer Center has a comprehensive panel of services, treatments, and expertise to serve the needs of our community.
  • Medical Oncology

    Sparrow has medical oncologists who coordinate and oversee your medical care. They specialize in use of medications, such as chemotherapy, hormones, and analgesics (medications to reduce pain) in the management of cancer.

  • Radiation Oncology

    Our board certified radiation oncologists have access to the latest in radiation oncology technology. Working in concert with board certified medical physicists, we can specifically tailor treatment for each Patient’s condition, such as using radiation therapy to destroy tumor cells. 

  • Gynecological Oncology

    Sparrow is the first hospital in Mid-Michigan to use the minimally invasive da Vinci robotic system to surgically treat gynecological cancers. For women whose hysterectomy surgery involves lymph node removal due to cancer, this means shorter hospital stays and smaller incisions.

  • Chemotherapy

    Our board certified hematologists and oncologists employ the most advanced protocols in fighting cancer. Chemotherapy is administered by a nursing staff with specialized training in oncology. Our infusion center is uniquely designed to provide comfort and privacy.

  • Cancer Surgery

    Sparrow Patients receive care from experienced cancer surgeons, surgical specialists, and sub-specialists, who prioritize the physical and emotional aspects of treatment. Our surgical team thoroughly explains surgical options and procedures, which take place in state-of-the-art operating rooms equipped with the latest robotic microsurgery systems.

  • Hematology

    Hematologists at Sparrow work with other specialists including cardiologists, internists, and vascular surgeons using the latest strategies to manipulate enzymes, proteins, and blood factors to minimize bleeding and clotting events. We also treat disorders of blood cells, platelets, and bone marrow.

  • Pathology

    Sparrow Pathologists are highly integrated into the Herbert-Herman Cancer Center. Pathologists examine cells and tissues of the cancer under a microscope. Their reports play an important role in cancer diagnosis and staging, which helps determine treatment options.

  • Radiology

    Sparrow Radiologists are highly integrated into the Herbert-Herman Cancer Center. Radiologists create images of areas inside the body that help oncologists make accurate cancer diagnoses. Imaging tests include CT scans, MRI, PET scans, ultrasound, X-rays, nuclear scans, and bone scans.

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