Compassionate Care Services at Sparrow

What sets the Sparrow Cancer Center apart from other cancer programs?


Every member of our team is a caring professional truly committed to treating each patient's unique situation. Our physicians, nurses and therapists don't just treat tumors and malignancies. They take the extra time to attend to every aspect of patient care and recovery.

We match volunteers, who are themselves cancer survivors, with our patients. Being able to talk with others who have "been there" helps patients feel more confident and comfortable during their treatment and stay.

We have Nurse Navigators on staff that serve as educators and facilitators for patients and their families in our Breast Cancer and High PSA & GU Clinics. We also have care coordinators who will:

  • Advocate for patients with insurance providers
  • Coordinate supportive care services
  • Arrange for discharge planning

Our comprehensive, compassionate services include:

Prevention and Screening

The Sparrow Cancer Center promotes and conducts annual cancer screenings for the community utilizing American Cancer Society guidelines. Prevention and screening information are shared at numerous health fairs, demonstrations and events.

Smoking Cessation

The Sparrow Cancer Center supports smoking cessation classes for the community at large to eliminate the number-one preventable cause of cancer.

Early Detection

When cancer is found early, there's a greater chance for treatment and survival. That is why a fast, accurate diagnosis is imperative. At Sparrow, we are committed to early detection, and we rely on leading-edge diagnostic tools not available in all hospitals. Using this technology, we're able to diagnose patients with a level of detail never before possible. For instance, our CT scanners offer us the most advanced imaging on the market today - spectacular three-dimensional view inside the internal tissues and organs of our patients. For information about mammography at Sparrow, click here.

Palliative Care

Sparrow’s Palliative Care Service focuses on patients with serious illness whose prognosis is uncertain. The primary goals of palliative care are to relieve distressing symptoms, ensure patient comfort and support patients and families with medical decision-making. This includes physical, psychological and spiritual support for patients and their loved ones. For more information about palliative care at Sparrow, click here.


Sparrow Hospice Services provides compassionate care to relieve physical, mental and spiritual pain. For more information about hospice at Sparrow, click here.