Patient Success Stories

At the Sparrow Herman-Herbert Cancer Center, our focus is on the success of our Patients. We invest our time, money, and resources into fighting for every cancer success story. The individuals below faced their own cancer stories, and each of them chose Sparrow to guide them on their journey to cancer recovery.

Meet our Cancer Survivors.


Cindy Homant came to the Sparrow Herbert-Herman Cancer Center reeling from her diagnosis of Stage 3 colon cancer but is now a Volunteer there because she feels so much part of the Sparrow Family.

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Colon cancer survivor now a volunteer because she feels a part of a family at Sparrow
Patient with cancer in lymph nodes tells her story at Sparrow


Lisa Hildorf had a two-pronged reaction when she was told in August 2017 cancer had been detected in the lymph nodes in her neck.

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Cindy Evans is an artist so it was natural that when she was diagnosed with breast cancer she documented her cancer journey through her paintings.

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Breast cancer survivor who loves art shares cancer story at Sparrow
Prostate cancer survivor tells cancer story


Charles Blockett Jr. is a world traveler (he’s been to every continent except Antarctica and Australia), but he wanted to stay close to home for treatment of Stage 2 prostate cancer.

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Denise LeMire expected medical professionalism from the staff at the Sparrow Herbert-Herman Cancer Center. But the level of compassion she found there still surprises her.

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Tim Brannan celebrates two birthdays – the day he was born and the day he received his final chemotherapy treatment at the Sparrow Herbert-Herman Cancer Center.

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Trina Taylor gives the Sparrow Herbert-Herman Cancer Center credit not only for curing her cancer, but also for improving her job skills as a home caregiver to people with mental disabilities.

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