Cancer survivor discusses prostate cancer treatment at Sparrow

Charles’ Story

Charles Blockett Jr. enjoys leaving Mid-Michigan to travel the world, but he knew he wanted to stay close to home for his prostate cancer treatment options. Blockett has been to every continent except Antarctica and Australia. In 2014, he received a stage 2 prostate cancer diagnosis, which created questions and nervousness for the adventurer.

That is why he was grateful to have world-class, Patient-centered cancer care right in his community. 

Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in men–and it’s important that it’s detected as early as possible, when it’s still constrained to the prostate gland. Common symptoms of prostate cancer can include trouble urinating, decreased force in the stream of urine, blood in semen, discomfort in the pelvic area, bone pain and erectile dysfunction. “Of course I was very upset and nervous about it, and read as much material on it as I could,” Charles said. 

Five years later and he says, “It’s like I never had cancer.”

Blockett and his wife, Lexcie, spent a lot of time discussing and researching his cancer treatment options before choosing Sparrow for the multidisciplinary approach. Blockett appreciates that all of the expertise was brought to him and compares it to one-stop shopping. Blockett recalls sitting with a team of multiple specialists who all “did their homework” on his individualized cancer treatment. 

“I was able to go and sit down with three different doctors,” Blockett said. “In one place I was able to find out a lot of information. It was patient-centered. All the expertise was brought to you, and the focus was on you.”

Blockett praises the compassionate care he received from everyone involved, from Nurses to Technicians to Physicians. He knew that he could always ask questions to his main cancer Physician, Dr. James Herman, and would receive an honest answer. He underwent more than 40 radiation treatments at Sparrow in a matter of weeks and agreed the intensive treatment was the best approach.

“You couldn’t go to a better place.”

Since his cancer treatment, he and his wife have continued their travels to Italy, China, Japan, Belize, Costa Rica, and other destinations around the globe.

“It’s like I never had cancer.”

The Herbert-Herman Cancer Center features a multi-disciplinary team approach that puts the Patient at the center of everything we do. Patients will see a team of clinicians under one roof and in one visit, rather than making separate appointments with specialists from different practices. Each Patient will receive an individualized treatment plan with input from numerous specialists. Each major cancer has its own clinic, such as breast, lung, and colorectal cancer.

Sparrow is transforming care through innovation such as the region’s only cancer genetics counselor and access to cutting-edge clinical trials. The Herbert-Herman Cancer Center is home to the largest clinical trials program in the region and the only one accepting Phase 1-3 clinical trials not accessible to Patients anywhere else locally.

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