Lisa’s Story

Lisa Hildorf had a two-pronged reaction when she was told in August 2017 cancer had been detected in the lymph nodes in her neck.

“My first reaction was, ‘You’re wrong, I can’t possibly have cancer.’ … The next thought is you’re just extremely sad. Have I told people I love that I love them? Your thought is it’s too soon or I’ve maybe not done enough.”

But Hildorf found that she had many people behind her in her cancer journey thanks to the Sparrow Herbert-Herman Cancer Center’s multi-disciplinary team approach to care.

“I knew that any question I had would be answered honestly and completely,” she said. “I knew I could call on them anytime I needed. I was assigned a captain, who was my leader, my go-to person. And they made every step informative, honest, and they were really enthusiastic that I was going to get through this.”

Hildorf remembers the importance of each member of the team, from the person who helped her into her Patient’s gown for the first time to those who organized her chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

“You couldn’t find a better place. … Everything you need is there. Every level of your cancer treatment can be accommodated there. Dr. (James) Herman and his family have really worked hard to make cancer disappear for many, many people in Mid-Michigan.”


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