Sparrow and Mayo Clinic

Sparrow has a unique relationship with Mayo Clinic as Michigan’s first member of The Mayo Clinic Care Network. We are collaborating so that you can benefit from Mayo expertise while you continue to receive trusted, convenient care close to home. This is one way we differentiate ourselves from other health systems. Sparrow doctors can work directly with Mayo Clinic specialists, when it is helpful to you, and they can access the latest Mayo Clinic research and clinical trials and an expansive bank of knowledge and experience.

Here are specific ways that relationship between Sparrow and Mayo Clinic can provide better care for you:

Sparrow/Mayo Clinic Electronic Consultations

Virtually every day, our teams participate in video conferences with Mayo Physicians to discuss our most complex cases and share expertise, treatment options and the latest research. Additionally, Sparrow Physicians have the ability to get a second opinion from a Mayo Clinic specialist. This consultation can take place electronically, within days, and at no additional cost to the patient. These, and other resources, are intended to enhance your care at Sparrow.

Coordinated Surgery Pathway:

Yet another Patient-focused collaboration between Sparrow and Mayo Clinic, the Coordinated Surgery Pathway ensures the highest level of care in surgical intervention for cancer.

Our Oncologists have regular contact with Mayo Clinic surgeons, and are able to facilitate patient care for those who travel to Mayo Clinic for surgery and return to Michigan for follow-up care. Our collaborative, patient-centered approach combines the best in care with the convenience of a recovery process that takes place close to home.

Personalized Medicine

Personalized medicine is about developing treatments based your unique genetics. Sparrow can work with molecular testing specialists at Mayo to identify specific gene mutations. And once those factors have been determined, your Sparrow team can work with genetic specialists at Mayo Clinic and Foundation Medicine to help create custom treatment plans.

Other Benefits

As a member of the Mayo Clinic Care Network, Sparrow benefits from other resources as well. Our team has access to industry best practices that have been researched, developed and vetted by Mayo doctors. This ensures that Sparrow is up to date with all of the latest care trends and techniques employed across the country. This year, our Genetic Counselor in cancer visited Mayo Clinic to align our genetic counseling services to Mayo’s standard while developing relationships with Mayo counselors and access to their team.

Mayo also contributes our community by joining Sparrow doctors for yearly presentations to the public. These presentations are designed to educate and inform the public on cancer prevention and screening.

In the future, Sparrow will have access to Phase I and II clinical trials that are available to a hospital system as large and innovative as Mayo Clinic. This will offer an additional level of ground-breaking care for our Patients.

Sparrow joined the Mayo Clinic Care Network as part of its vision for the future. We intend to be a national leader in quality and Patient experience. We have seen incredible results from the relationship and will continue to work with our colleagues at Mayo Clinic to transform care for the people of mid-Michigan.


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